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Rent a Tablet for Vacation
So, you’re off to Europe on vacation, Paris specifically. You could do the usual and load up your bags with 1,000 page tourist guides and set off hoping it doesn’t do any permanent damage to your spine. You’ve also brought your own gadgets, hoping they can keep your kids occupied when you’re doing the boring touristy stuff. Laptop, phone, PSP, plus the rest. There is another option.

TabletsAddict is a company set up to make your vacation easier. Basically, you log on to the website and reserve your 3G Tablet for your time in Paris. We charge you 15 EURO ($22 USD) per day and you have an Nexus 7 tablet for as long as you require with unlimited data. (No need to take your own and pay crazy roaming costs.) Not only do you get the 3G device, but the company loads it with 10 apps including tourist guides, local transportation info apps and of course, Angry Birds.

You can get it hand delivered to you anywhere in the city, a 400 EURO charge is put on your credit card, just in case you try to run off with it somewhere. This charge is then removed as soon as you return the device. However expensive it may seem, it’s definitely convenient.