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Best Tablet For College Students 2021 – 2022: (Top 10 Picks)

best tablets for college studentsIf you invest in the best tablet for college students, then it can prove to be amazing for you in many different ways! Having a heavy-duty laptop is great but you cannot always take it to the class with you when you are rushing in the mornings. As we all do!

While getting ready to start college, did you imagine the list of the items that you need to buy can be overwhelming? There are lots of essentials like notebooks, binders, stationery, and might be a full-sized laptop.

Tablets are handy and easy to carry around all day between the classes. Students can invest in a small tablet for college and just shove it inside their college bags.

Best Tablet for College Students In 2022

Now we will have a tablet review of the 10 best tablets for college students so you can easily decide which tablet is best for college! Have a look at the list of top tablets down below!

Top 10 Best Tablet for College Students In 2022

Surface Pro 7 Tab – 10th Gen Intel Core i5
iPad Pro – 11-inch Space Gray (2nd Generation)
Galaxy Tab S6 – WiFi Tablet Mountain Gray
Surface Pro X – Enormous display size Tab
Transformer Mini Tab – Asus 2 in 1 android tablet
Surface Go – The best note-taking tablet for students
Google Pixel Slate – Large screen tablet for college
Nexus 9 Tab – Clean finish and a unique look
Asus ZenPad S8 – Super quad-core tablet for college
Sony Xperia Z – Best 10-inch tablet

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What Is The Best Tablet For College Students?

Ever asked someone what kind of tablet you should invest in? The first feature that you should look for in a tablet is that it must be light-weight! So it is portable and easy to carry!

The second feature that you need to look for in the best tablet for college is that it must have a large storage capacity. Nowadays, there is a trend of e-books and almost all of the teachers provide e-books for classes to study from.

Nowadays many portable tablets are coming with an additional Bluetooth keyboard so that students can attach it on the go whenever they need to type something! Digital notes are a trend nowadays so we bring you the tablets reviews of the best tablets in 2022! Keep on reading to find out more!

You want to make sure that you are investing in a tablet that provides you with all of these important features! Let us have a look at which things you should consider when buying the best tablet for yourself.


You should consider the size of the tablet first. The sizes of tablets available in the market nowadays are around 9 to 15 inches. The best tablet for students is the one that has a screen size of at least 11 inches.


The smaller size of the table you choose, the more portable and easy it to carry around it will be for you!

Screen Resolution

Tablets come in many different screen resolutions. The most popular ones are 720P and 1080P.


If you are a student then you are probably looking for the best budget tablet. We will review the best cheap tablets for college in 2022 down below!

Best Tablet For College Students In 2022: (Reviews)

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tab

best tablet for college students
Processor: 10th generation Intel Intel Core i5 | RAM: 8 GB RAM | Brand name: Microsoft Brand | OS: Windows 10 Home Operating system

Microsoft has introduced this Microsoft Surface Pro7 is a laptop-tablet of the latest generation. Calling it the best Microsoft tablet for college won’t be wrong!

It comes with the facility of turning it into a studio and tablet. It is the best tablet for college students who are creative and will prove to be a perfect gift for creative minds and artists who love to draw.

Are you are thinking about which is the best tablet for college students? Then think no more! You can go to this one! Have you ever dreamt of a tablet that has it all?

Well, your search is over now as students can easily learn, draw, write, type, and play games on it as it is a very interactive laptop tablet. This tablet also features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facility.

The operating system used in this tablet will be Windows 10 Home. It comes in a gorgeous color of Platinum Black and an extended battery life so you can enjoy doing what you love all day!

This is the best laptop-tablet as it is faster than its previous model. It is portable and easy to carry around for students at their campus!


Sleek design


The processor could be Core i7 or i9

2. Apple iPad Pro 11-inch

best tablets for students

Screen size and display: 11-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color | Processor: A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine | Cam and Scanner: 7MP True Depth front camera, 12MP Wide camera, 10MP Ultra Wide camera, and LiDAR Scanner | Authentication: Face ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay | Wireless Connectivity: 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6

This Apple iPad Pro comes in two beautiful colors of silver and Space grey. These colors give off a modern and sleek vibe. It is the best tablet for college students because it features a storage capacity of 256 GB, making it the perfect storage capacity for students to save all their lectures and notes!

This will prove to be the best tablet for notes in college as students have a lot of documents and presentations to save and this tablet will prove to be the best for them for this purpose.

Have you been looking for a tablet that you can use when you do not have Wi-Fi? Well, this Apple iPad Pro comes with the option of Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can insert a Sim card in it and turn it into a phone as well! It is the perfect package for college students looking for the best tablet to use in 2022.

This tablet also comes in a 512 GB variant. The most attractive feature of this iPad is its display of a 1-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina with Pro Motion! Enjoy striking and sharp videos on this Apple iPad!

Are you finding a tablet on which you can get a light gaming experience as well? The exclusive features of the iPad Pro 11 are that it comes with four-speaker audio and five studio-quality microphones.

It has a 7-megapixel front camera featuring True Depth. You can use it with a trackpad as well. So, in short, if you need the best tablet for college then you will not regret purchasing this stunning iPad!


Sleek design
iOS 12 Operating System



3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5″

best tablet for student

Dual Capacities: You can transform it into a laptop within seconds with Fast Processor | Stylus Pen: It comes with the S pen | Battery Life: 15 hours of battery life | Wireless connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Are you looking for a top tablet that provides you with the maximum RAM capacity along with the most storage? Then search no more! We bring you the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6!

This Samsung galaxy tab is the best for college students because it comes with two different types of variants. Those variants are 128 GB and 256 GB. You will get this tablet with a keyboard case and a stylus.

If you are looking for a tablet that can provide you with the maximum amount of features then get this Samsung Galaxy Tab! It is the perfect tablet for artists and those who love to draw!

You can easily write, type, draw and learn on it. The beautiful color that it comes in is called Mountain Grey. Calling it the best Samsung tablet won’t be wrong as with this tablet, you get the facility of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

You can use LTE if you choose to as well. This Samsung galaxy tab also features a front camera. The operating system is android and it is a very pocket-friendly tablet for students. So we can say that it is the best tablet for college students!


Ultra-slim and it provides you with a full-on PC experience
Lightweight body
The RAM is powerful just like a PC!


A compatible keyboard is sold separately

4. Microsoft Surface Pro X

best tablets for college students on a budget

Design: 7.3mm thin | Wireless connectivity with wifi | Screen size: 13” screen | Weight: 1.7 pounds | Powerful tablet

If you have been seeking the best tablet for college students in 2022, then your search is over with Microsoft Surface Pro! This tablet brings you all those features that you have been searching for in a tablet/laptop!

Microsoft Surface Pro is the best tablet for college students because it features an enormous display size of 13 inches. It is a large size of tablet for students. With this interactive tablet, it is much easier to learn and study!

Students can interact on this tablet easily and keep a record of all their lectures as well! Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the best Microsoft tablets that you can get on the market right now! Are you looking for a tablet that features as much RAM as a PC?

Well then, this tablet comes in four different types of variants which include 8 GB RAM 128 GB, 8 GB RAM 256 GB, 16 GB RAM 256 GB, AND 16 GB RAM 512 GB. This tablet features a lot of storage space just like a PC!

The gorgeous color that it comes in it is called Matte Black. It offers a front photosensor of 5 MP. The RAM capacity is great for multi-tasking! The design of this Microsoft Surface tablet is modern and slim which makes it laid-back to carry around and is very portable.

So if you do not have Wi-Fi at home, college, or hostel, then you can use the internet. This feature makes it the best tablet for college students.


Lightning fast processor.
It comes with a configuration of LTE


Average battery life

5. ASUS 10.1” Transformer Mini

best tablets for college students

10.1-inch ASUS Transformer Mini light as a feather | Weight: 1.9 lbs. weight | Battery life: 12 hours of battery life

Are you looking for a portable as well as a good functionality flagship tablet? We bring you a review of the top tablet of ASUS as it is the best tablet for college students! This stunning ASUS laptop comes with a big display screen size of 11 inches.

It is the best tablet for college students because it is a 2-in-1 tablet. It comes with a sensitive and premium-looking touch screen and stylus support. The ASUS tablet runs windows ten home operating system.

The software that has already been installed in the ASUS tablet is a 60-bit operating system. The ASUS tablet features a premium magnesium alloy body that looks magnificent.

It is ultra-thin with thinness of 0.6 inches and the weight of this tablet is 1.1 lbs. Students can easily adjust this tablet at a specific angle of 170. Are you in search of a tablet that provides handwriting support to take notes?

This tablet also features a pen handwriting support with windows ink. Students can enjoy colorful and HD screen experiences. This tablet is portable and easy to travel with. This gadget can be used as a tablet as well as a laptop.

This ASUS tablet is among the best tablets in 2022 so get yours now! It comes with a pen, keyboard, and the keyboard is removable. You will get a full windows ten experience. This is indeed the best tablet for college students.


It is an ultra-portable tablet
Keyboard and pen is included already


RAM is only 4GB

6. Microsoft Surface Go

best tablet for student

Processor: Intel Pentium processor | Connectivity: LTE Advanced | Battery life: 8.5 hours of battery life | Weight: 1.17 pounds weight

Are you in search of a tablet that provides decent RAM along with a lot of storage space? This Microsoft surface goes laptop and tablet come with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Students get the option of WIFI and 4G LTE. This tablet proved to be the best tablet for college students because it has the option of LTE.

Are you living in a hostel and do not have the facility of Wi-Fi all the time? Well, this tablet has got all your problems covered with the LTE! It will prove to be the best note-taking tablet for students in college! The brand of this tablet is Microsoft.

Do you need a laptop with built-in features so you do not have to attach external accessories? Look no further! It has built-in Bluetooth and it comes in a striking purple shade! The processor of this tablet is Intel Pentium.

It features a display size of 10-inches, making it ideal for the daily work of students. If you get this gadget then you will get the chance to experience the performance of a laptop and the ease of use of a tablet.

Calling this the best Microsoft tablet will not be wrong because this tablet features a built-in HD camera and many USB ports. This is the smallest surface go gadget yet. It weighs only 1.17 lbs. This tablet can fit inside the bags of students easily.


This tablet can run MS Office software smoothly for students
Stunning touch screen


It requires batteries but they are included

7. Google Pixel Slate

best android tablet for college

Connectivity: Two USB CTM | Display: 4K display | Data transfer: Quick data transfer | Audio: Dual speakers

Are you on the lookout for a tablet that features a large screen as well as mesmerizing color quality? We have brought you the review of the ultimate top tablet Google Pixel Slate!

This tablet can easily be featured among the best tablets of 2022 because this Google pixel gadget features a large display of 12.3-inches. It is a 2-in-1 tablet with an Intel processor, 8GB RAM, and 64GB storage. The brand of this product is Google and it features built-in Bluetooth.

It features an option of WIFI and comes in a stunning black color and chrome operating system. The dual front speakers deliver a premium audio experience. Is your requirement a thin and light tablet? This Google pixel laptop is 7mm thin and 1.6 lbs. in weight.

Google Pixel Slate has proven to be the best tablet for college students! It is an ultra-light design that provides maximum portability to the students. Are you looking for a tablet that is also a smart device?

This Google pixel tablet is a smart device and it features Google Assistant. Are you a student who has been searching for the best tablet for notes in college? Then your search ends with the Google Pixel Slate! All students need to do is to speak to the Google assistant and ask any question related to their study.

This is the best tablet for reading and features an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a RAM of 8GB. The hard drive of this tablet comes in two variants of 64GB and 128GB.


2X mics
12.3-inches display
It features a display of 6 million pixels



8. Google Nexus 9 Tablet

Connectivity: Micro USB | Network Band: LTE | Display: 64-bit High-quality material with perfect display

Do you need a tablet with a big screen and mesmerizing display quality? This Google Nexus 9 tablet comes with a screen size of 8.9-inches with 32GB storage and is the best affordable tablet! It comes in a gorgeous black shade.

The brand of this tablet is HTC, It features wireless communication technology including WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS. It is also listed among the best tablet in 2022. The tablet has the operating system of Android 5.0 Lollipop. It features a front camera with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Are you looking for sturdy glass protection? The screen is made of Gorilla Glass 3 and comes with dual front-facing features. Do you enjoy music and good sound quality? The speakers are of the HTC boom sound. With a micro USB 2.0 and 3.5mm audio, this tablet also features 8-megapixel rear camera.

Are you looking for a tablet with a camera at the front? The LCD size is 8.9-inches with a 1.6-megapixel front camera. This tablet features a 2.3 GHz CPU with a 64-bit NVidia Tegra K1 dual tuber.

The sides of this tablet are made of metal and it has a clean finish and a unique look. It is easy to fit in your hand with a curvy structure. It is light and comfortable for students and students can easily study with it, making it the best tablet for college students! The design is modern and sturdy.

The sound quality of the speakers is dual and loud. The processor is very powerful and multi-tasking, making it the best note-taking tablet!


Powerful processor
Easy to carry



9. ASUS ZenPad S8

Display: 2K display | Blue light filter by Asus | Asus truvivid | Splendid Apps

Are you in the search for a laptop tablet with big features? Like a big RAM and goo storage? We bring you the top tablet review of this ASUS ZenPad! This Asus tablet comes with an 8-inch display and 32GB storage. The brand of the tablet is Asus and it comes with an operating system of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Do you need attractive internal as well as external features? It comes in a gorgeous black shade and a processor of Intel Atom. Do you require location and communication features? Then it is the right gadget for you! It comes with wireless communication technology of Bluetooth, GPS, and WIFI.

This tablet features a stunning look and provides maximum functionality. It has neat and clean lines and a metal finish. The style of this tablet is luxurious and it provides a premium look with a super quad-core, 64-bit, and 1.3 GHz, it comes with 32GB hard drive storage.

This tablet also features one micro SD slot and it can also be extended up to 128GB. This ASUS Zenpad is listed among the best tablets for students in college. Do you need an all-in-one experience? This tablet uses a blue light filter technology for a better display experience.

This tablet is budget-friendly and good in performance, making it the best tablet for college students. The smooth processors make sure that students can easily do multitask. Students can also surf the internet, watch videos smoothly, and gave a great gaming experience, making it the best laptop tablet of 2022.

Do you wish for a laptop tablet that also comes with the facility of a camera? The megapixel rare camera captures gorgeous and HD pictures. It also has a low-light mode so that it can capture good-quality photos at night.


This tablet features a 178-degree viewing
Fast performance



10. Sony Xperia Z

Display: 10.1-inches display | IP 55 rating | HDR | Panorama | Autofocus camera

Are you on the lookout for a tablet that has big features? This Sony tablet has a display size of 10-inches and a storage capacity of 16GB, making it the best 10-inch tablet 2022. The brand of this tablet is Sony and it comes with wireless communication technology like WIFI and blue tooth.

It is the best tablet for college students. It comes in the shade of black and has an operating system of Android 4.2.2 jelly bean.

Do you know this Sony Xperia Z tablet has the latest processor of the snap Dragon s4 Pro? That makes it the best tablet of 2022. It is the world’s thinnest tablet that has a size 10-inches screen. Do you need something that is not super sensitive to the touch of water?

This tablet is water-resistant and it provides sharp and bright colorful pictures. As it is a Sony tablet so you can experience premium display technology by Sony. The inside specs are more impressive than the outside features.

The processors are super-fast and the graphics are high quality. Are you a student who needs to share files regularly with your classmates? There is a feature in this tablet which is called a one-touch feature and this feature allows you to transfer anything wirelessly.

This tablet gives you an amazing and impressive display experience. It is also dust and water-resistant. It can bear water up to 1meter. With a 16GB memory, it has an option of a 64GB micro SD card slot. Hence, invest in this one if you need the best note-taking tablet and you will not regret it! The front camera is 18.1 megapixels and it weighed 1.09 pounds.


8.1mp camera
Quad-core 1.5GHz


This tablet requires batteries


We have listed above the best and top tablet of 2022, so you can choose the one that suits your needs the most! Have a look at the list of tablet reviews, and get yourself the best tablet for college. You will not regret purchasing any of the mentioned tablets as they are the top tablets of this decade!

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