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Best Tablet for Toddlers 2021 – 2022: (10 Most High Rated Toddlers’ Tabs)

best tablets for toddlersTablets are highly multi-functional mobile devices. Thanks to the plethora of tablet-optimized apps out there, a toddler’s tablet can act as an entertaining toy and a great learning device both.

If appropriately used, the best tablet for toddlers can help support your child’s intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Kids of the modern world have been exposed to technology all their lives, unlike us, so they need to have appropriate gadgets, such as toddlers’ tablets.

Considering how technology-centric the world has become, toddlers’ tablets are a need now for toddlers to be up-to-date with technology.

To help you find the best tablet for your child, we have compiled the 10 most rated toddlers’ tablets of 2022. Before showing you the top-ten list, here’s a buyer’s guide that would explain to you more about buying a tablet for toddlers.

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Best Tablets For Toddlers 2022

1. Lenovo Tab 4 8
2. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus
3. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2019)
4. Apple iPad (2019)
5. Apple iPad Air (2017)
6. Amazon Fire 7 (2019)
7. Fire 7 Toddlers Edition
8. Amazon Fire HD 8 Toddlers Edition
9. Fire HD 10 Toddlers Edition
10. Kurio Tab Connect

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Tablet For Toddlers

Technology has evolved so much that there are many different tablets available out there at a wide range of prices. For this reason, choosing the best baby tablet can be a considerable challenge even for parents with good knowledge of technology.

To find the right toddler tablet, you must know the features you want. The right tablet for your toddlers depends on how they use it. Although the technicalities (storage, memory, etc.) of a gadget are essential, you can’t ignore things like device size, weight, and durability.

Therefore, a buyer’s guide is often suggested to parents before getting a toddler’s tablet. To help you buy the best toddler’s tablet, we have compiled the most important factors to consider before making a purchase.

1. The User of the Tablet

Always remember who will be using the tablet. Some parents, for example, want to buy a particular tablet suitable for 2-year-old toddlers only, but others want to buy one that will be used by people of different ages, including grown-ups.

For the latter, look for a versatile device with all the required programs and apps, but it is also secure. If you can find a tablet that supports multiple profiles, it would make things much more comfortable. Your toddlers won’t be able to access inappropriate material or share sensitive details online.

If you want a tablet for just one child, make sure you get a tablet that lasts long and grows with your child. You can’t buy a tablet for 1-year-old toddlers and purchase a toddler’s tablet, age 2, in the next year when your child gets a year older.

If multiple toddlers are going to use the tablet, make sure the device is versatile enough so toddlers of different ages can use it. This means that it should play short videos for babies and have apps to enhance necessary mathematical skills.

2. Parental Controls

Every tablet for toddlers should have a built-in parental control system or at least have the ability to install one. Such systems are essential for ensuring that all the stuff in the tablet is appropriate for toddlers. Nowadays, parental controls come with additional options, which are also important.

The newer and advanced parental control systems allow you to limit your toddler’s screen time. Also, better tablets can download different parental control apps of your choice. Besides, they let you install child-safe browsers and prevent location tracking and activity recording from keeping your child’s information safe.

3. Battery Life

Most children use their tablets for many hours without any breaks. You can have a device that runs out of battery after a couple of hours of gaming and watching videos. For this reason, you need a toddler’s tablet that has long battery life.

Many toddler tablets come with over at least 8 hours of battery life, so try to get one of those. As your child grows older, they use more complex apps that consume more battery. Hence, tablets for toddlers at age 3 should have a better battery life than tablets for an 18-month-old child. Also, make sure the tablet’s battery power doesn’t dwindle without any use.

4. Durability

All young toddlers tend to drop, throw, and even sit on things. This makes durability a crucial consideration for toddler-friendly tablets. Thankfully, many companies give extraordinary ruggedness to their toddlers’ tablets, while others offer protective bumper cases separately. Their rubber edges absorb the impact of a fall or bump.
Remember, buying a case separately is an additional expense.

However, if you’ve chosen to get one, find one with sturdy hand grips. Another benefit of a protective case is that it protects the device from spilled liquids or getting dropped into water. Because you will use your tablet for a few years, you must base your decision on how your child’s behavior changes with time.

5. Screen Size

A big tablet is not one problem; instead, it’s two. Larger tablets often tend to be massive. Therefore, screen size is an essential consideration for a toddler’s tablet. This allows you to be sure that your child can even hold the device without dropping it.

Tablets larger than 10 inches tend to be difficult for toddlers to hold and use, but anything smaller than 7 inches doesn’t give a great visual experience to older toddlers. Also, a toddler is unlikely to handle a tablet weighing more than 3 pounds. In other words, smaller screen sizes are better for younger toddlers as compared to older ones.

Because older toddlers are more into games, larger screen sizes give them the required precision. However, choosing a screen size is not that simple since the price also increases with screen size. Hence, you must find the right screen size that is affordable for you but also gets the job done.

6. Pre-installed Content

The best tablet for toddlers should have toddler-friendly apps, games, and other content that are already downloaded. Pre-installed programs and apps in a baby learning tablet are highly valuable as large companies have carefully chosen them for your toddlers. However, you must still make sure that the existing apps on your new toddlers’ tablets are appropriate for your children’s age and development.

You might want to do a little research beforehand to check the quality of the pre-installed content. Some apps, games, and other content aren’t highly regarded among parents, and you wouldn’t want your child to be exposed to such material.

Also, don’t forget to check that the software already installed is not just a trial version. Otherwise, you will have to pay separately to keep it or update it. Besides pre-loaded content, make sure that your new toddlers’ tablet allows you to select from additional apps to download. This is incredibly important as all children have comprehension levels and preferences that change with time.

7. Cost

The last but the most important factor for buying a tablet for toddlers is its cost. The cost of a tablet does not just include its price. Many parents forget to consider the number of add-ons and companion devices that are important for the best user experience. Before buying a tablet for toddlers, we recommend you set a budget.

Even if an expensive tablet has tons of great features to make things much more convenient for you, it’s not the right tablet for you if you can’t afford it. That being said, if you want to buy one toddler’s tablet for several of your toddlers, a high-end and versatile tablet would be worth the investment. You would not need to upgrade a highly versatile tablet very frequently.

Moreover, the tablets that cost more generally have faster processors and larger storage spaces. This makes it easier for you to download new apps and even upgrade the operating system as time passes. Also, the prices of toddler tablets are positively related to their screen sizes. This means that you can delay your upgrade to a newer version by a few years.

On the other hand, cheaper toddler tablets have a smaller screen size. Not only that, but they have a slower processor and lower level of resolution. In addition to that, low-priced models tend to have less storage capacity. Therefore, your child wouldn’t be happy with the result on a cheaper tablet if he or she wants to use an app with sophisticated graphics.

Last but not least, low-priced tablets have low-quality cameras, so if your child wants to explore his photography skills, they would be extremely disappointed with the substandard cameras.

The 10 Best Tablet For Toddlers in 2022: (Reviews)

1. Lenovo Tab 4 8-Inch Toddler’s Tablet

best tablets for toddlers

The Lenovo Tab 4 8 has all that you need, including extended battery life and a bright and colorful display. It’s one of the best toddler-friendly tablets. This 8-inch tablet from Lenovo is ideal for slightly older toddlers. Older toddlers are more likely to be familiar with technology and don’t require a lot of training to learn how to use a tablet.

Apart from an authentic Android experience, the Tab 4 8 has a lot to offer. Lenovo’s Tab 4 8 provides a long battery life, so your child can use this toddler’s tablet without frequent interruptions. Also, the display has a resolution of 1280×800 pixels, making sure that your child has a great time while gaming or surfing the web.

Lenovo also offers a Toddlers Pack add-on with this tablet for only $20. This includes parental controls, a protective bumper case, a blue light filter, toddlers’ content, and features for limiting and scheduling playtime, and stickers.


Long battery life
Super Loud audio with dual Dolby Atmos stereo speakers
Bright display
Good performance


Inferior front camera

2. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus

Best Tablets for Toddlers and Kids

Looking for top tablets for toddlers? Having a long battery life, excellent memory, and even greater storage, Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus might be what you’re looking for. Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus is an advanced version of the Tab 4 8; hence, it’s pricier. It’s more expensive because its battery lasts three hours longer. More importantly, it contains a Qualcomm Adreno 506 graphics card.

Its brilliant and colorful 10.1-inch FHD 1920×1200 IPS display makes it not only the best game tablet for toddlers but also the best learning pad for 4-year-old children. Its generous 2 GB RAM and 16 GB eMMC storage ensure minimum speed and data-related problems. Also, you can buy a similar Lenovo’s Toddlers Pack mentioned above for $20 to make the tablet more toddler-friendly.

Last but not least, Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus offers comfort along with style. Its gray soft-touch plastic doesn’t just provide great looks but the ease of grip as well. Overall, it can be the best tablet for toddlers and young children.


Long-lasting battery
Great performance
Strong speakers


Uses an old Android version (7.1)

3. iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2019)

best iPad for toddlers and kids

From a large display to remarkable graphics, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch has everything your child needs. It’s the best iPad for babies! relatively high priced, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch might not be fit as your child’s first tablet. However, if you can trust them with costly gadgets, this iPad will prove why it’s among the best-rated tablet for toddlers.

Apple has designed the 12.9-inch iPad Pro to be almost all-screen, giving an immersive experience to the user. What’s more, the fantastic AR feature of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro allows your children to visit a virtual world and enhances their imagination. In addition to that, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro supports high-level graphics to make games more fun.

Due to its smooth flat-edge grip and magnetic wireless charging, the latest Apple Pencil partners perfectly with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. If used appropriately, iPad Pro 12.9-inch can be the best learning tablet for toddlers and the best tablet for preschoolers.


Full-screen Liquid Retina display
Amazing speed
Long battery life


Only 128 GB storage space

4. Apple iPad (2019) For Toddlers

best iPad for toddlers and kids entertainment

This could be the first tablet for your toddler. From gaming to education, the device excels in everything. Read on to learn more. The Apple iPad (2019) is one of the most recommended tablets for toddlers when it comes to Apple products. This is majorly due to its vast collection of available toddlers’ apps.

The whole lineup is filled with various educational titles that make use of the device’s AR capabilities, making it one of the best educational tablets for toddlers. The iPad doesn’t ignore games either. You can find so many tablet-optimized games for the device that your child would never complain about the lack of gaming apps.

Additionally, the 2019 iPad is fast and has a battery that could survive for a long duration. Also, it supports Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard both. However, there’s always a fear that the Pencil will snap while charging. It’s because it charges when you plug it into the Lightning port at the bottom of the iPad.


More colorful display
Larger screen
Longer battery life


The design needs more improvement
Companion devices are expensive

5. Apple iPad Air (2017) For Toddlers

best iPads for kids

Apple iPad Air (2017) is a toddler’s tablet-like no other! Durable battery, beautiful display, useful companion devices—it has everything you and your child want. If you need an iOS product that is both affordable and functional, the Apple iPad Air (2017) is the right choice for you. Its cost is about half the price of the iPad Pro.

Its 10.5-inch display with 2224×1668 resolution generates a bright-colored result. The compatible 1st Gen iPad Pencil works well with the fantastic show to bring your child’s art to life. The iPad Air also supports the Apple Smart Keyboard, so you can easily teach typing to your child.

The iPad Air Smart Keyboard, which costs an additional $159, offers a pleasant typing experience. The best part of the iPad Air is its extraordinary battery life of 11 hours and 54 minutes. All in all, the Apple iPad Air (2017) is the best tablet for toddlers who can use an expensive device properly.


Amazing battery life
Large screen with a beautiful display
Supports many iOS companion devices
Speedy A12 Bionic chip


Gets expensive with add-ons

6. Amazon Fire 7 (2019)

cheap tablets for kids

If you’re looking for a super-cheap but great tablet for toddlers, Amazon Fire 7 is the best choice. Learn more about its features below. If you can’t trust your toddlers with pricey technology, Amazon Fire 7 (2019) is the toddler tablet for you. For a low-priced device, this Amazon toddler’s tablet offers a lot.

First, the 2019 version of the Fire 7 works well with Alexa. Also, it comes with Amazon’s substantial parental control, so you don’t have to worry about your children finding any inappropriate content. Also, the gadget has 1.9-megapixel cameras in the front and back, which are decent for its price. Sadly, though, the Amazon Fire 7 has a low-res and relatively much smaller 7-inch display.

Moreover, it does not feature Google apps. Also, its 1.3-GHz quad-core processor and 1GB memory are not enough for an excellent performance. The Amazon Fire 7 can be the best tablet for toddlers and, especially, the best tablet for 2-year-old children.


Elegant design
Very affordable
Supports Alexa


Small, low-res display
Too many Amazon ads if you don’t pay extra

7. Amazon Fire 8 Toddlers Edition

best tablet for toddlers

The Amazon Fire 8 Toddlers Edition is specially designed for young and highly playful toddlers. Its durability and two-year warranty make it the best baby tablet. The Amazon Fire 8 Toddlers Edition is a version of the company’s Fire 7 tablet, made especially for toddlers. It’s an excellent tablet for 18-month-old toddlers who often damaged gadgets.

The tablet comes with a protective bumper and a two-year warranty that ensures a no-questions-asked replacement if your tablet is severely damaged. With this Fire 8, you get a year’s subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for only $99. FreeTime Unlimited has 10,000 toddlers’ games, books, educational apps, and videos.

This makes it a terrific tablet for 4-year-old toddlers, who need to play games, read books, etc. The tablet’s parental control allows both specific and broad restrictions. Fire 8 is also equipped with Alexa. Since this Fire 7 version is excellent for both younger and older toddlers, it’s no surprise that it’s the best learning tablet for 1-year-old toddlers and, for many, the best tablet for toddlers.


Two-year warranty
Expendable storage
High-speed performance


Less battery life
Weak speakers

8. Amazon Fire HD 10 Latest Edition

best android tablet for kids

Thanks to its durable design and great parental control, Amazon Fire HD 10 Toddlers Edition is among the top-rated learning tablets for toddlers, according to many. Being the best baby tablet for 1-year-old toddlers, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Toddlers Edition comes with a highly useful rubber bumper. The bumper protects the tablet from drops and scratches.

However, if it gets damaged beyond repair, you can avail of its two-year no-questions-asked warranty. The hard-wearing case has a rough but flexible surface that is easy to hold for small hands. What’s more, the Amazon toddler tablet has a long battery life of 10 hours and 12 minutes. This makes it an excellent tablet for 3-year-old toddlers who love to spend most of their time on their tablets.

If there’s no bass, it produces a unique sound; otherwise, it can be a bit soft. The Fire HD 8 has a colorful 8-inch screen with a 1280×800 resolution. Last but not least, it has a brilliant performance according to its price.


Two-year warranty
Lengthy battery life
Strong parental control
Good performance for its price


Soft speakers

9. Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus

best tablet for 10 years old

What is the best tablet for a 3-year-old? The answer to this question is simple: Amazon Fire HD 10 Toddlers Edition. It’s the best baby learning tablet! If you’re looking for big tablets for your toddlers, we suggest buying the Amazon Fire HD 10 Toddlers Edition. Its 10-inch screen is not just big but brightly colored as well.

Besides that, the Amazon toddler’s tablet offers an unmatchable battery life of 13 hours and 29 minutes. In addition to this, it comes with many robust parental controls. Like most Amazon toddler tablets, this Fire HD 10 comes with a two-year warranty. The 2.0 megapixel back camera and 720p front camera are good enough for video chats only.

Using FreeTime, you can control what your children can access. The tablet comes with a rich selection of toddler-friendly shows games and shows. In conclusion, although these tablets are high learning devices for 2-year-olds, you can use this tablet for one-year-old toddlers.


Two-year warranty
Amazingly long battery life
Robust parental controls


Average camera result
Too much of Amazon content

10. Kurio Tab Connect

best tablet for 2 years old

Need an excellent tablet for more than one of your toddlers? Get the Kurio Tab Connect. It’s a tablet for toddlers and preschoolers. Kurio Tab Connect, with its 7-inch screen and chunky rubber case, is an excellent replacement for an Amazon toddler tablet. The most substantial part of the Kurio tablet is its parental control options.

It lets you select the apps and sites your toddlers can access, limit their time on the tablet, and much more. It’s an Android device, which means you get lots of choices for games, educational apps, etc. The Kurio tablet has over 35 pre-installed apps, so you don’t have to spend so much time downloading them.

In addition to this, the tablet supports multiple profiles. This means more than one of your toddlers can use it without any fights, which makes it the best tablet for toddlers for many people. All the features mentioned above make this Kurio tablet not just the best tablet for 1-year-old toddlers but also the best toddler tablet for 2-year-old toddlers.


Great parental controls
Preloaded apps
Strong design
Multiple profiles


Poor battery life
Small screen

Choose The Best Tablet For Your Child

Remember, the best tablet for your child depends solely on their requirements. Buying a tablet for yourself is much different than buying a tablet for your child. When it comes to the best tablet for toddlers, parental controls, and battery life are more critical than selfie cameras, looks, and power.

We believe that parental controls are an essential requirement. It’s effortless for a child to end up on a popular app like YouTube and viewing content that’s entirely inappropriate for them. Speaking of apps, with an Android, Apple, or Amazon toddler’s tablet, you can access a wide variety of apps.

A child that loves cartoon clips today would want an advanced tablet for a better gaming experience after a few months. For this reason, we recommend you buy a long-lasting toddler tablet that they’re likely to want a year from now. So you must look for a tablet that can grow with your child and doesn’t end up getting dumped in a drawer.

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