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Best Tablets For Kids In 2021- 2022: Standouts Tabs For Toddlers

best tablet for homeschoolingTo establish a relationship of your child with advanced tools tabletsaddict’s best tablets for kids could be a source to get all the information you need. 

We’ve to make sure that our toddlers don’t miss out on the advancements because there are no age limits on accessibility to advanced technology.

But it’s also vital for parents to invest in the right techniques. You can figure this out by the needs of your kids.

Tablets are the need of everyone nowadays since we’re all used to the advanced features they offer. But when it comes to buying one for your young kids, it doesn’t have to be the same as what you use as the usage and needs of using technology also differ with age.

Hence, giving your kids cheap durable tablets that would fit their needs and age is important. But with that, having the ease of parental control is also particularly important.

Now we don’t have to mention why parental supervision is essential in this advanced world of the internet, right? As along with early learning and skill development, it’s also necessary to give them limited access to the older content.

Now, that we’re on the same page of buying helpful tablets for young ones while also ensuring proper parental control over their technological use, why not discover the best android tablets on the budget. Technical brands surely have nothing less to offer us when it comes to viewing many options.

But even with all those options, one needs to invest in the right device. Don’t worry if you’re confused about which tablets would serve your kids the best because we’re here to help you with our top 10 list. So, lets’ go ahead and discover some of the best tablets below.

Top 10 Best Tablets For Kids In 2022

Amazon Fire 7 Kids – A perfect tab for kids
Apple iPad For Kids – Best smooth performer
Kurio Tab – Tap to connect with kids world
Apple iPad Mini – iPad designed for kids
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids – Amazon special kids edition
Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1 – Best android tablet for kids
Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids – Samsung’s special kids edition
Galaxy Tab A8 – Kids entertainment onboard
Lenovo Tab E10 – Real fast performance
Leapfrog Leap pad – Ready to school

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Tablet for Kids

Buying the best tablet for kids in 2022 can be quite a struggle, especially when you aren’t aware of what to look for. As there are so many brands of tablets present, they also have further many models of their tablets.

Most of the time what we look at while buying an electronic device is simply the looks. Hence, it’s evident that a good-looking tablet would please you so much that you’d want to buy it for your kids. But can you be sure that the good-looking tablet you choose would serve the needs of your kids properly?

Surely not! And it’s because the features and specs of a device are also particularly important when it comes to discovering a superior quality device. And you can’t check out these specs of a device on its outlook. Hence, it’s essential to meticulously research your needs in terms of buying a kid’s tablet is.

And if you don’t have that fundamental insight, you can’t invest in the best tablet even when you’ve got a list of the 2022 tablets. But don’t worry about that, as we’re here to help you understand the things you should consider before buying any kid’s tablet. So, let’s go ahead and discover these crucial aspects below.

Who Will Use It?

Now, most people buy tablets for their kids while also keeping in mind their personal uses. It merely saves the need to invest in more than one tablet for everyone’s needs. Also, it’s an excellent money-saving choice for small families too.

But if you’ve got many kids in the house, then you might want to consider differentiating your and your kid’s tablet. Once you decide on who will be using the tablet you invest in, you can then understand what models you should be looking at.

Why They Need It?

Here you can consider the age of your kids, as every generation has different requirements. So, if you’ve got kids aged six or under, you might want to look for strong tablets in their making and supply fantastic learning activities to your kids since that’s mainly going to be why they will use the tablet for.

Although, if you’ve got older kids who would need to utilize their tablet for video streaming, gaming, or other similar needs, then you should look for models that are less on the learning apps and more on the important ones that would serve the kids better.

Parental Controls Requirement

Buying the best entertainment tablet and having parental control over your child’s activities on technology is an incredibly important aspect of letting them use them.

Also, when it comes to understanding how advanced or beginner-level controls you’d require, you can simply consider your kids.

Since younger kids wouldn’t get towards bold content on the internet, and you can get a tablet with primary parental control for them.

But if you’ve got older kids, then you should invest in a tablet that has advanced parental control features installed since you’re never aware of what might reach to what while they’re merely browsing. Besides, we can’t trust the internet in this aspect, right?

Battery Life

The battery life of any technology is another crucial aspect you should not miss out on. Since your kids might not keep their tablets limited to just indoor uses, they must avail of the right battery timing.

This can also be determined according to the age and needs of tablet usage by your kids. Keeping that in mind, you can look for a tablet that has the best battery life for tablets, making it suitable for prolonged usage.

Durable Making

Young kids won’t find it hard to throw an overly sensitive tablet anywhere easily, making it get damaged in seconds. You can’t even scold them for it because they aren’t aware of why they shouldn’t be playing with it like that. For this very reason, one should go for reliable and sturdy materialized tablets.

Like that, with older kids, you don’t’ have to think a lot about the lightweight feature and tender making. As that’s mainly what would please their tablet usage in every way.

Pre-Installed Apps

Even when you’ve got access to Android or other play stores to download unlimited useful apps, you’d still require some built-in ones.

As when it comes to buying learning and toddler-specific tablets, the in-built teaching apps are mainly what you’re going to invest in. Also, you mustn’t go for just the downloadable feature of many apps while lacking out on the pre-installed ones.

Weight and Screen Size

Young kids can’t handle heavy or slim tablets, and you might just waste your money on buying something like that for them. So instead, you should go for thicker and lightweight tablets for your young kids.

Yet when it comes to buying tablets for older kids, they’re all responsible enough to get a slim and lightweight one for their usage.

It’s Price

Last but not least thing to consider while choosing a tablet for your kids is the price. Now it depends on the models you look for.

If you want to enjoy all the privileges of amazing features and specs in a tablet, then you might just land on the most expensive ones. But if you are in planning to get a low-end price with fewer specs you should go with the budget one.

So, for this, firstly, you should keep track of how much would a tablet having the required specs might approximately cost you. Also, then, while having a suitable budget you can afford in tablets, you can look for the best tablet on a budget and invest in that.

Best Tablets For Kids 2022: (Reviews)

1. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire kids tablet

Screen Size: 7 inches | Platform: Fire OS | Battery life: 7 hours | Storage: 16GB

Having seen all the tablets offered by Amazon, it’s hard to resist the fact that it knows how to create a suitable tablet for kids. Simply, because kids require smooth and light colors of the screen to protect their eyesight while having easy-to-understand and accessible software.

It is what matters the most in the best tablet models. Being as amazing as it is, Amazon has always managed to combine these factors for kid’s tablets. Also, with its seven hours of battery life along with the offline support that this amazing value tablet by Amazon has to offer, it’s a worth-it investment choice for any parent.

Other than pleasing parents, this Fire 7 Kids Tablet also serves in pleasing the kids as one of their favorite tablets. It mainly includes the completely free service of Fire for Kids Unlimited for a calendar year.

If just in case you face any issue with this product, its 2-years warranty is also ready to serve you instantly. Now, what more can one demand from a kid’s tablet? Hence, the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is undeniably the best tablet you can invest in for your kids. Besides, you won’t even have to worry about anything while your kids spend endless time on this smart tablet.

  • Has easy-to-use software
  • 7 hours of battery life
  • Contains decent parental controls
  • The specs aren’t too amazing

2. Apple iPad For Kids

Apple iPad For Kids homeschooling and learning

Screen Size: 10.2 inches | Platform: iOS | Storage: 32 Gb/128 Gb | Battery Life: 10 hours

We all love Apple products, hence there’s no way Apple’s entry-level iPad won’t please us equally as much as all its other products do. Because this iPad might be the most delicate and decent-looking. It is surely one of the best tablets for kids in 2022.

But that’s certainly not all to what makes this one stands out on the top#2 of this list, as there’s a lot more it has to offer. The access of apple iPad OS Software, the unlimited access of Apple’s Store, and the smart parental control features can be enabled by directly connecting the iPad to your Apple account.

Now all these features are surely hard to ignore for any parent, especially when they’re coming in an Apple iPad. Although, when it comes to buying this iPad according to your kid’s age, it’s suitable if you buy this one for a bit older kid.

In this way, you can even avail yourself of the benefit of merely enhancing the features of this iPad.All this surely makes this iPad worth the cost it comes in, without a doubt.

Besides, buying an Apple-branded technology as your kid’s very first smart device would surely be a great gift to them while you can also be sure that you’re investing in a durable and long-term working device for them.

  • Quality making
  • Greta variety of apps
  • Smart technology
  • A little expensive

3. Kurio Tab Connect

Kurio Tab Connect tablet for kids

Screen Size: 7inches | Platform: Android | Storage: 16 GB | Battery Life: not confirmed

Here comes an affordable tablet that could meet all the things you want from it. Also, the value and durability in the available budget, You should make the deal with this 7-inch tablet. As the offering features are incredibly great for kids to use.

They come with a rubberized screen and android tweaks. It is fit for kids to use it as they use things around with the rough and tough idea. Investing in such a thing that could reliably give you long-lasting company is way better than wasting your money on low-quality stuff.

But that’s not all to just what Kurio has to offer here, as it’s a decent selection of auto-installed apps for your kids. It’s about the accessibility of easily control what your kids view or can browse for; all these features make it a perfect tablet option for anyone.

Also, since it is an Android device, there’s hardly any limit to the apps you can access. Now isn’t that amazing or what? Hence, this Kurio’s smart learning tablet makes it one of the best ones you can invest in for your kids. Besides, you can also remain stress-free about what their viewing instead of having an eye on them all the time.

  • Rubberized and safe screening
  • Access to unlimited Android apps
  • Quality design
  • Poor battery life

4. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini for kids and educational

Screen Size: 7.9 inches | Platform: iOS | Storage: 64 GB/ 256 GB | Battery Life: 10 hours

As mentioned above, there’s nothing else that can compare to the quality working and bright outlook of Apple’s products. Hence, another choice for the best tablet for kids is Apple’s 2019 iPad Mini. This device is a perfect tablet for the little ones who require a smart choice to play around with ease.

And so, the A12Bionic chip present inside this tablet ensures to provide you with a longer-lasting user experience, that wouldn’t give up on its performance any time soon. Even though this device might come in a little more expensive than the previously mentioned tablets, it’s still worth the investment.

Because of its slim and quality design, and the advanced iOS apps availability, you’d hardly need to give it a second thought. But with all these aspects, it’s also apparent that you’ll need to invest in this quality tablet for your kids who are more interested in streaming videos or using apps on this device.

Also, when it comes to buying electronic devices for the young ones, they’re always rooting for Apple products. While that also comes with exceptional durability and quality assurance, you can always be sure you’re investing in the right device for your kids’ streaming needs.

If you could not make the right decision at the time of getting a tablet for your kids. The consequences could be worst than you think at the moment of getting it.

  • Amazing style and quality
  • Comes with an Apple pencil
  • Easy-to-use
  • Costly

5. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 cheap tablet for kids

Screen Size: 8 inches | Platform: Fire OS | Storage: 32 GB | Battery Life: 10 hours

This fantastic amazon tablet is nothing less than what we call the best tablet for kids in 2022. Yet, since it’s not on top of the list, there are a few loopholes that make it not the highest recommended tablet for kids. But even with these loopholes of having a bit larger 8-inch screen, or its extra price, it’s still a worth it choice for anyone.

That’s because it comes with nothing less than what Amazon Fire Tablet had to offer, i.e., the quality battery life (which is undoubtedly more than 10 hours), and the extra storage compared to the smaller model. If we even look at the loopholes that come along with this tablet, one can surely consider them pros for older children.

That’s simply because younger kids might not be able to handle a larger tablet. But you still would always want to control the activities of your kids, right? So, what’s stopping you from investing in this one? Besides, the warranty and smart parental control are surely something you won’t miss out on this model too.

Hence, investing in just the right Amazon tablet for your growing kids is also possible with this smart tablet since this one is undoubtedly nothing lesser than what they can handle, while also being a comfortable device for you to trust on for a long time.

  • Built neatly for kids
  • Tons of amazon features
  • Vast storage
  • Not for younger kids

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Galaxy Tab A educational tablet for kids

Screen Size: 10 inches | Platform: Android | Storage: 32 GB/ 64 GB/ 128 GB | Battery Life: 10 hours

The different interface for both kid’s and parent’s use present in this Samsung tablet makes it nothing less than the best tablet for kids in 2022. Although, that’s undoubtedly not all to what this fantastic Samsung device has to offer.

It comes with all the educational and parental aspects you might require controlling your kids’ activities. Along with that, you don’t have to invest in multiple tablets for the whole family, as this one can be highly suitable for everyone.

Including all this, its excellent resolution for viewing books, playing games, and performing other activities along with the 10-inch display, makes it a suitable tablet to invest in.

Here comes the best part that you don’t need to get tensed about having the tablet broken or damaged. As the tablet comes with a thin metal frame.

But with all that, we can’t even miss out on the brand factor here. Samsung is also known to be one of the leading electronic brands in the world. So it would also turn out to be a smart and quality investment for you – as your kids first branded tablet!

  • Dolby surrounds system
  • Comes with expandable storage choice
  • Metal frame making
  • Doesn’t have the best display

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab S Kids Edition

Samsung tablet for kids

Screen Size: 12.4-inch | Platform: Android | Storage: 512 GB | Battery Life: 9 hours

This tablet for kids is surely one that allows parents to keep a strict eye on their kid’s activities, while also supplying them with usage ease. And along with that, this Samsung tablet also provides you with a safer usage experience with the help of its lime green rubber case availability.

And now that we’re talking about kid’s usage, how can a kid’s tablet lack out on better and quality educational features? Hence, this Samsung tablet comes with a curated educational app library that gives your children wondrous choices of choosing apps for better and advanced learning.

The light and durable making of this tablet provide kids an easy gripping feature while also providing you with all the necessary features, including; quality battery life, Wi-Fi connectivity, rear-facing camera, Dual-core processer, etc.

And here again, there’s hardly any reason for you to not trust the Samsung brand too. Since the name is also surely enough to help you imagine the durability and quality of your device, when it comes to so many amazing features for your kids’ vast learning, you simply can’t deny this one!

  • Easy to customize parental controls
  • Samsung kids service library
  • Durable making
  • Comes with the only green display choice

8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 for kids homeschooling

Screen Size: 8 inches | Platform: Android | Storage: 32 GB | Battery Life: Not confirmed

If you’ve got kids that don’t require a beginner-level handheld tablet, this one is undoubtedly something that would please their more significant needs. And for proper and advanced parental controls, having an android device doesn’t give you less installable options, right?

So, the number of apps you and your kids can avail of with this quality designed, and efficient working tablet is undoubtedly worth the investment. You’ve got thousands of options for apps, educational needs, games, and any other categorized app you or your kids require.

And with all this, the reasonable price that this top tablet android is available in; makes it easy to afford for anyone, making it one of the best options even with excellent specs and resolution.

So while you invest in a reasonable Samsung tablet for your kids, you can be sure that they can rely on it for quite some time. This mainly makes it an even smarter and quality investment, especially when it comes to choosing between different brands and models. It is important to compare different tablets’ models and brands price-wise to know what are you going to get.

  • Advanced working Android device
  • Large display
  • Efficient working
  • Doesn’t have the best specs

9. Lenovo ZA470006US Tab E10

Cheap tablets for kids

Screen Size: 10.1 inches | Platform: Android | Storage: 32 GB | Battery Life: 7 hours

Now as much as the loos and amazing features of this tablet are also worth praising and adoring, this one also makes it to the list of the best tablet for kids in 2022.

But with all the fantastic features it does offer, it’s also one that doesn’t fit in for toddlers. It’s still worth considering for your kids in many ways when you’re getting so much from a slim and light tablet.

As it comes with the unlimited usage ease of playing games, watching movies, and performing all the tasks, your kids would be pleased to work on their smart tablet. Also, the slim and lightweight making isn’t all Amazon invests in its quality making, as the decent-sounding speakers are also something we can’t miss out on.

And if this weren’t enough, the built-in parental control features and tons of other accessible options you gain would also please you quite well. So, what are you even waiting for? Besides, having seen the track record of Lenovo devices, there’s no way you’d have any doubts before investing in this quality product.

As Lenovo has also been a finely serving brand for quite a while now, you can’t doubt its functions and quality. While the design and features this Lenovo device provides, all combine to make it a highly suitable tablet for all your kid’s needs.

  • Quality display
  • Gives you complete Android access
  • Lightweight making
  • Consists of weak cameras
  • Contains a small RAM

10. Leapfrog Leap pad Ultimate

best tablets for kids entertainment

Screen Size: 7 inch | Platform: not confirmed | Storage: 8 GB | Battery Life: 5 hours

Now, this kid’s tablet is another one for a high price and quality user experience. No, this doesn’t even make it in the list of tablets that are suitable for older kids; it also aligns with the requirements of use for kids aged six or under.

That’s mainly through the large screen icons it provides your kids with, which adds ease to their user experience. Hence, this one makes a great starter tablet for kids that might not be very fond of electronic devices up till now.

Also, its navigation arrow button, touchscreen feature, cutely design interface, and built-in parental control features; all represent this device as nothing else than a quality starter tablet for your kids. But that’s all about the quality making and design that we’ve discussed on this tablet.

Now what about the educational terms, since that’s another incredibly crucial factor for such young kids, right? Well, this tablet has unlimited educational activities pre-installed for your kids.

This includes activities in math, reading, science, puzzle, music, logic, creativity, and a lot more. So, investing in this best tablet device would surely keep you stress-free about your young one’s early training and learning skills.

Hence, having this tablet around would surely eliminate all your worries about your young one’s learning struggles. You can not only provide them with an opportunity for smart learning but can also be sure to trust the device until your child’s technological needs change. Now that sounds like a benefitting long-term investment, right?

  • Has a shatterproof screen
  • Personalized learning features
  • Contains a kid-friendly browser
  • Low battery life
  • Doesn’t support advanced features


Buying technologies in this advanced era might be just as tricky as buying the right type of sauce for your cheese pizza. Don’t’ get it? Well, all the sauces have different tastes and you need to invest in one that you’d want to eat in the future too.

Like that, all the technological devices nowadays have different specs to offer. If you want to buy one that would serve you eventually in just the right way, you should look for the best options. This way, the best 2022 tablets would surely help you invest in just the right tablet for your kids.

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