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The Best Tablets For Reading 2021 – 2022: (9 e-Reading Tabs)

best tablets for readingE-reading is a gift of innovative tech to book lovers. That is the reason we picked the best tablets for reading In 2022 and explained things you should know before getting one. Why?

Because keeping a college backpack with dozens of books is painful to continue now. Technology made life easy in hundreds of various aspects.

People do not need to carry books anymore. Now you can read and download thousands of books on a single tablet and carry that tablet anywhere anytime.

This is the universe of innovation, and day by day, increasingly more advancement in innovation is occurring. A few years before, people used to read books and magazines by buying from better places in the printed version.

But, gradually and consistently, when the idea of phones and tablets overpowers, then people began changing from physical books to e-books. In 2022, there are billions of individuals who are using tablets only for E-Books perusing.

Amazon has also made a business from this market, and they launched their kindle series, which is primarily a gift to E-book readers.

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9 Best Tablets For Reading In 2022: (Top 9 Picks)

1- Kindle E-Reader
2- Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader
3- Boox Nova Pro 7.8″ E-Reader
4- Kindle Voyage E-Reader
5- Kindle Oasis E-Reader
6- Kobo Clara HD 6” E-Readers
7- Apple iPad Mini 4
8- Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1
9- Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

What To Look In The Best Tablets For Reading?

Before buying a tablet for reading comics or books, one should consider some key features that a tablet must-have.

Screen size

Before buying a tablet, you must be aware of the best screen size. For E-Book readers, big screen size plays a vital role in comfortable reading and enhancing the best user experience. So you must look for a big-screen tablet.


Best tablets have both Wi-Fi and cellular data connectivity options. All tablets support the WI-FI connectivity option, but many of them lack sim connectivity features. So you should find a tablet which is offering both according to your requirements.


Storage is always the central part. We need storage to download audiobooks, E-Books, and magazines. Preferably, always find a device with the best storage capacity. Some tablets support back and rear camera functionality. So, to keep your videos and pictures, you need to have more storage.


If you are buying a tablet, especially for reading purposes, then one of the key features, you must care about is its weight. If you buy a tablet with heavyweight, then this will be a real pain for you. You cannot carry the heavy device in your palm for hours while reading. So always search for a device which Is lighter in weight.


The battery is also an especially important feature which you must consider before buying a tablet for reading. For reading e-Books, You need to have a battery that can give you a backup of hours or days. There are many tablets available in the market whose batteries lasts for weeks after a single charge. Therefore, choose a tablet wisely according to your daily reading time.

Screen lights

While buying a tablet for reading E-Books, you also need to look for the tablet with the technology according to the latest trends and not harm your eyesight. Some tablets come with adaptive brightness, which adjusts lights according to the environment.

These factors play a vital role in protecting your eyes and prevent eye straining while reading. With the best tablet that reduces eye-straining, you can read even in the nighttime because some devices support night mode features and blue light mode.

Best Tablets For Reading In 2022: (Reviews)

1- Kindle E-Reader

Kindle E-Reader best tablet for reading

Kindle E-Reader is a blessing for digital E-Book readers because amazon has set up this device according to the concept of e-book reading digitally. Amazon also focused on the comfort of the users, and they have vigorously worked on the size and shape of the tablet.

This tablet will be easy to read E-books because it is easy to carry and easily fits the palm. It is one of the best tablets for reading in the latest edition. This device weighs only 174 grams, which makes this device one of the lightest devices ever made.

For a perfect user experience, amazon used a glare-free display with amazon E-link pearl technology. You will also be fascinated with a generous size screen of 6 inches. Kindle E-reader comes with 16 levels of grayscales, which helps users adjust their brightness according to their requirements.

One of the most demanding features is always RAM because it is one of the main components of any tablet. You will be glad to know that Amazon offers 4 GB of ram on this device. You can also expand it to more if needed to cloud storage.

One of the best benefits of buying this tablet for digital e-book readers is that this device comes with a massive collection of free E-Books. This feature will attract you the most because amazon kindle books are most demanded on the internet.

There is no more need to carry dozens of books now because you can have hundreds of books in a single device, which is also easy to carry. One of the most significant benefits of buying a kindle E-Reader is that amazon offers a huge battery, and from a single charge, you can use it even for weeks.


Long-lasting Battery
Glare-free Display


Not waterproof
No charging covers

2- Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader best tablets for reading

One of the best options for the amazon kindle series is the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader. There are many unique features in the device, which are blessings for digital eBook readers.

This is also one of the light weighted tablets ever made because the readers easily handle it. Amazon offers a big display size of 6 inches with a pixel density of 600 PPI, which will make users more engaged with the device.

It is one of the best tablets for reading journals. Amazon offers both Wi-Fi connectivity options and a 3G option. This means you can also use sim connectivity that makes this tablet like a mobile phone for your calls and messages purpose.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader comes with 4GB internal storage, which is quite excellent for E-book readers. If you are willing to use this device like a phone too, this storage will not be enough, creating problems for you. This tablet does not support fast charging, but it will take 3 hours to load from 0 to 100.

Amazon has focused on batteries, and this is one of the reasons because of so much popularity of the kindle series. Its battery timing makes it the best tablet for prolonged reading. Same as Kindle E-Reader, this tablet also comes with a heavy battery. From a single charge, you can use it for weeks.

This tablet weighs only 182 grams. One of the features which the kindle Paperwhite E-Reader lacks is that this device is not waterproof. There are only two traditional colors available in this device, which are black and white. You can turn your pages by touching the screen.

There is no charging cover available with this device. This is the best reading tablet for your eyes. This is one of the best devices for digital e-book readers because it has several features and is not too expensive. Its high resolution makes it the best tablet for reading kindle books.


5 LEDs
300 PPI resolution
WIFI + Cellular
Big batter


No charging covers
Low on storage
Not waterproof

3- Boox Nova Pro 7.8″ E-Reader

best tablet for reading and writing

If you are a digital eBook reader and you are searching for a unique tablet that offers some more features in a single device then Boox Nove Pro 7.8” E-Reader is the best tablet for you. Besides being a digital eBook lover, if you are also a lover of drawings and like creativity.

Then you will be glad to know that this device also offers some features to artistic people at the same time. This device comes with a stylus that helps you to save notes at the same time while you are reading. Boox Nova is made for big-screen lovers because it has a 7.8” panel with a high resolution of 1872×1404.

Boox Nova Pro 7.8” E-reader protects your eyes from straining, and you can adjust colors and brightness to warm at night time for ease. This is the best tablet for reading and listening to music. It comes with Bluetooth, which will help you to connect with external devices such as speakers.

You can now listen to your favorite audiobooks without holding the phone in your hands. One of the most significant benefits of buying this device is that it comes with 32 GB of storage, which is not available on many tablets. This tablet supports a stylus, so this is the best tablet for reading and writing.

The reason for its blazing speed is its processor, which is a 1.6 GHz quad-core. The tablet is made according to the latest trends, and it supports the USB – c option, which is rare in many tablets. It is an android device, and you can also download different stuff from the play store if you need it.

This device comes in only one black color, which might be a disappointment for the black color haters, but also an advantage for the lovers. To compete with the amazon kindle series, Boox Nova provides a huge battery. From a single charge, you can you this device for e-books treading for even weeks. This is the best tablet for reading and highlighting.


Flush glass-based screen
7.8” glare-free display
USB Type-C


No Charging covers
Not waterproof
Only one color available

4- Kindle Voyage E-Reader

best tablet for reading pdf

Kindle Voyage is one of the premium editions of the amazon kindle series. It supports many latest features that other kindle series tablets do not help. One of the differences between this device and other kindle series devices is that this device has 6 LEDs. Kindle voyage will supply you with a 6-inch screen to help you read E-Books easily.

From a single charge, you can use this device for more than 4 weeks. Charging cover will not be available with this amazon kindle tablet. One of the best features of this tablet is adaptive brightness, which will automatically adjust the brightness to the best suitable level according to the environment. It helps in protecting the user’s eyes from screen lights.

This tablet, as with other kindle devices, is light weighted and weighs only 180 grams. So, it is easy to carry in your palm to read even E-Books on your tablet even for hours. The display of this device is made according to the user’s intentions. It is the best tablet for reading in bed. Its screen is highly designed as a high level of grey color.

Kindle Voyage E-Reader is equipped with WI-FI and cellular connectivity so that you can enjoy both connections from a single device. As we have discussed, in other kindle devices, you have to turn the pages to read the next one, but on this tablet, you can press the page, and this will take you to the next page.

You might be disappointed if you are a black color hater that kindle Voyage E-Reader is only available in black colors. One of the features is that it supports an anti-reflective display. Henceforth, while using this device, there is no need to be worried about your eyesight being affected.

The most wanted feature of any E-Book reader, which is a bookmark, is also available on this tablet, and you can resume your book from where you left with this feature quickly. This is the best value tablet for the money because this is the perfect tablet for reading E-Books.


6 LEDs
6” Glare-free display
Light in weight
Wi-Fi + Cellular


Only Black color available
No charging covers

5- Kindle Oasis E-Reader

best tablet for reading in sunlight

As compared to other amazon kindle devices, this device has more specifications. Kindle oasis is unique as it comes with physical buttons that enable users to get their work done with small effort. We like the fact that it is equipped with 6 inches of enormous screen, which helps users to read E-books with comfort.

It also supports the antiglare display feature, which is an incredibly unique feature. This feature allows users to comfortably use the tablet screen with the protection of not affecting eyesight.

Kindle Oasis is a waterproof tablet that makes it unique over many expensive tablets that do not have the technology of waterproof. Kindle Oasis E-Reader is equipped with thousands of E-books access to the Kindle store so you can download or read a book of your choice whenever you want.

Many amazon kindle devices lack the benefit of high memory. This device is a blessing for those people who are in search of a tablet with more memory. You will have access to 8 GB of memory, which you can use to save thousands of E-Books for free.

Its 25 LEDs make it the best tablet for reading in the sunshine. One of the most significant benefits of buying this device is that you will also have access to free cloud storage, which many tablet companies are not offering.

There are 25 LEDs built into this device to enhance page consistency, and it supplies the user’s best experience. It is also the best tablet for reading comics. Its design is built to supply the best user experience, and about this, Amazon has set up a hump on its back, which is an added grip and supplies a premium look.

Like other Kindle devices, this one also has both WIFI and cellular connectivity options. Therefore, in case if you don’t have WIFI access, you can use your sim to run 3G internet on your tablet.

Kindle Oasis E-Reader has built-in 16 depths of grey level shades to enhance better user engagement to the tablet. These kindle series are considered the best all over the world, and most digital E-Book readers prefer these devices the most.

You can also set up your personal goals on this tablet as you are willing to do. One of the main reasons for these amazon kindle devices’ popularity is their batteries. As with other kindle tablets, this tablet also provides the best battery timing, and from a single charge, you can use this device for weeks.


25 LEDs
7” glare-free display
Huge battery


No adaptive light sensor

6- Kobo Clara HD 6” E-Readers

best tablets for reading pdf textbook

Kobo Clara tablet is one of the premium tablets. It is a hot-selling tablet because of its overwhelming features. This is one of the tablets for digital E-book readers, which gave fierce competition to the amazon kindle devices. The tablet costs t$140, but it is value for money.

If you are looking for a professional tablet for E-Book reading, this might be a perfect choice. The tablet comes with a generous size display of 6 inches and all essential grey levels to gain the best user experience and increase user engagement with the tablet. The screen is sharp.

The best suitable processor is built into this device to enjoy blazing speed and not worry about hanging issues. This device is equipped with 8GB of available free memory, which is enough for digital E-Books readers to store thousands of E-Books for free.

One of the downsides of Kobo Clara HD is that it lacks waterproof technology. Here amazon kindle tablet kindle oasis is on edge, which provides this technology to its users. This is the best value tablet for reading.

One of the added features of this device is its blue light, which you can adjust when you are reading E-Books at nighttime. This helps to protect your eyesight and makes it the best tablet for reading at night. The other core feature of this tablet is its battery, which you can use for weeks after a single charge.

It supports WIFI connectivity. As compared to amazon kindle tablets, it lacks cellular connectivity. Therefore, you can only use WIFI on this device to gain access to the internet. For better user engagement, its display is HD, which many amazon tablets lack.


6” HD display
Long-lasting battery
Lighter in weight


Nobody protection
Only one color available
No cellular connectivity

7- Apple iPad Mini 4

best ipad for reading books and watching movies

Apple devices are always slightly expensive than other devices but are perfect and professional. Apple has dominated the mobile phones and laptops market for years. Still, Apple is doing a successful business, and its users are increasing with a high ratio daily. Apple iPad mini-series is also known for its build quality and many other features.

Its stunning display and elegant design make it one of the best tablets for digital E-Book readers. Apple iPad mini 4 is made according to the users’ requirements, and it weighs only 10 ounces. It is unique in its display. This is the big size display of a 7.9-inch retina display, which all of the amazon kindle series lacks.

Big screen lovers love to read E-books on this tablet because, on this big screen, one can quickly scroll and read words comfortably. Apple also provides high resolution in this tablet of 2048 x 1536 pixels. One of the most significant reasons to must consider this tablet is its powerful processor and big storage.

Apple iPad Mini 4 is powered with Hexa core A-12 Bionic and Quad-Core Apple graphics. It also supports 3GB of ram, which makes your device faster than many available devices in this range. Because of some advanced technology, it is the best tablet for reading books in 2022. It is available in massive storage of 64GB/128GB.

Along with the capacity to download millions of E-Books, you can also save videos and do much more on this tablet. One of its features, which makes it more worthy, is its camera. It comes with a built-in 8 MP insights camera, which helps users to take stunning pictures anywhere and anytime.

You can also take selfies with its 7MP front camera and save your memories on this device for free. It supports the concept of fast charging, and you can charge your tablet within a couple of hours from 0 to 100.

But its battery life is not up to standards as compared to the amazon kindle series. Its battery can handle 10 hours of continuous usage, which is acceptable. Its big size screen makes its best tablet for reading digital books.


Hexa core processor
64GB/128GB storage
7.9” retina display


The battery is not good as amazon kindle series

8- Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1”

best tablet for reading and web browsing

When it comes to Digital E-Book reading, people prefer the lighter device and carry a big screen with eyesight protection. If you are also among the digital E-Books readers and searching for the best tablet to read E-Books, then the Lenovo yoga book might be a perfect choice, it is known for its lighter weight and elegant design.

It’s one of the most prominent features is its immense size screen of 10.1” which makes this tablet unique from many other devices. With the help of this big screen, E-Book readers can comfortably enjoy reading. It supports a high resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. It is known to be the best tablet for reading google playbooks.

Lenovo Yoga Book has 4GB of ram and a 2.4GHz Intel Atom processor. This processor supplies a blazing speed in this device. Therefore, if you are tired of slow and hanging issues in tablets, then you will be glad to know that this is the perfect solution to this problem, and you can go for this device. Many tablets in the market lack the support of significant size memory.

Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1” has 64GB to make you tension-free from the storage issues. Hence, you can store as many things as you wanted to save on your tablet. This is one of the best tablets for reading magazines. If you are an android lover, then this might be the first choice for you.

It runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and you can update it to the next version of android. The key feature of this tablet is its Hellow keyboard, which enables users to help in sketching, highlighting sentences or words, and making different notes. You can also capture your memories with Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1” anywhere anytime with its 8MP rear and 2MP front camera for taking selfies.

It is the best 10” tablet for reading. Its battery life is not as good as amazon kindle tablets, but it only lasts for 12 hours of continuous use after charging it to 100%. If you are looking for productivity along with versatility and creativity, then this Lenovo tablet is the best choice and value for money because it is the best android tablet for reading in this price range.


2.4 GHz Intel Atom processor
64GB storage
10.1” Display with high resolution


Not upgradeable to android 10.0
The selfie camera is not up to standards

9- Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

samsung galaxy tab A7 for reading

Samsung is known for its mobile phones, and it has been dominating the mobile phone market for years. Still, Samsung is their first preference for android users because of their best devices and beautiful designs. They have attracted millions of users worldwide.

Samsung also tested its luck in the tablet industry, and they wanted to dominate the tablet market too because now, many companies and users are switching from mobile phones to tablets. Its latest technology and its big screens attract more users.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is lighter in weight and budget-friendly. This device has 7 inches of bright display size with 1280 x 800 pixels for better user engagement. This device comes with a 1.5GB DDR3 Ram. It also has a 1.3 GHz built-in processor.

As compared to some other tablets, it lacks a high storage capacity. It has only 8GB of storage, which is acceptable with this tablet only to save your E-Books. But if you need more memory, then you can expand it using a micro SD card. It supports a micro SD card slot.

You can expand it to 256 GB. Because of its big size display, it is considered one of the best tablets for reading pdf. It provides better battery backup, and this tablet gives you a backup of more than 10 hours from a single charge.

It officially supports android lollipop, which is upgradable to Marshmallow. Its 5Mp rear and 2Mp front camera help you to take photos. If you are willing to take some best selfies then its selfie camera is not up to standards, but its rear camera is quite acceptable.

You can also download apps from the play store, and because of these features, this is the best tablet for reading word documents.

If you are looking for an android tablet for reading E-Books on the budget then Samsung galaxy tab A7 might be the best choice to consider. It has all the features you need and is flooded with all must-have specifications for the best user experience.


1.3 GHz Snapdragon 430 Quad-Core Chipset
Micro SD card slot available
7” HD IPS display


Not upgradable to latest android version
Low on Ram

Final Verdict

After deep and thorough research, we have enlisted and discussed in detail the best tablets for reading. We also mentioned what things buyers should consider before buying a tablet. By keeping those things in mind, one can buy a good tablet that will fulfill the needs of reading. We tried to include the best tablets for digital reading in a reasonable price range. So you can get a budget tablet to enjoy e-reading. We did not compromise on the quality and long-lasting good battery backup. The tablets reviews strongly emphasized your eyesight to tablet with features of eye protection. Reading even for hours without worrying about the sight issues is comfort.

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