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Best Tablets Under 500 In 2021 – 2022: (9 Budget Tablets In $500)

best tablets under 500 dollarsInvesting in a tablet nowadays can help you make the most out of it according to your need. To help you out on that, we’ve aligned some of the best tablets under 500.

Buying a tablet can be a smart replacement for all your basic needs offered by a mobile phone or a laptop.

So, to understand which tablet fulfills your needs, one needs to know why you need to invest in a value tablet.

Altogether, when you consider your needs and needed features in mind, you are less likely to get confused about the numerous options available in the market.

Investing in something like a tablet should surely be a long-lasting investment for everyone. So, why go for any reasonable alternative, when you can always choose the best one available?

Hence, without wasting any more time, let’s go ahead and discover the best affordable tablet 2022 you that is worth the investment, while also staying on a suitable budget.

9 Best Tablets Under $500 In 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 – AMOLED display to add great clarity
Galaxy Tab S6 – Snapdragon 855 chipset with strong battery
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Best tablet for taking meetings notes
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Best tablet for entertainment
Apple iPad Air (Gold) – Super thin yet durable
Lenovo Yoga Book – Stylus with real ink
NVIDIA Shield K1 – Transforms into an amazing gaming machine
New Apple iPad – Retina display on new version
Surface Pro (5th Gen) – Secure connectivity with advanced LTE for business

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Factors to Consider Purchasing The Best Tablets Under 500

Buying a tablet that serves you with your needs can be a tricky situation since all the models and brands come as a quality-looking device with all the essential features included.

Yet, there is always more to the needs of the best pro tablet, other than the basic features it has to offer. So, you can’t rely on just the look of a tablet until and unless you know that it will surely serve you in every other aspect too.

To help you figure out what all these aspects may be, we’ve discussed a few critical factors to consider below. Keeping these in mind, you can find the best tablet device that would serve you for a long time. Now without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss these factors.

Size Requirements

Different featured tablets come in different sizes, making them either small or large, and understanding what proportion of the tablet you require is highly essential, according to your needs.

Hence, if you need a tablet for education and gaming needs, it is better to go for a larger-sized tablet up to 12 inches. On the other hand, for a smaller option that can meet basic browsing or easy-to-carry needs, a six- to eight-inch tablet would serve you right.

The Right Processor

The more powerful a processor in your tablet would be, the faster and decently the device will work with other apps and functions. Large-size tablets have a more powerful processor inside, giving you usage ease with larger capacity tasks.

Although, when you do go for a secure processor, be sure it doesn’t drain too much battery of the best tablet device you choose.

How Good Should the Display Be?

All the money is for the display of a tablet; since it is the only thing, you will be view or perform your tasks. So, even if you’re investing in a large screened tablet, you must consider the display quality.

The better the display of the tablet would be, the more quality user experience you’ll get from the tablet.

A Suitable Battery Life

Battery life plays a significant part in any electronic device nowadays. Since the more the battery of the device tends to last, the more lasting and quality experience you avail out of the invention.

Therefore, when you’re going to investigate top android tablets for your browsing, educational, or gaming needs, you must invest in one that has long-lasting battery life. This would help the device stick around for a long time, without the need to charge it on every use.

What Quality Camera Should It Have?

Who neglects the camera nowadays? We’re all a fan of a high-quality and effective camera that can make us take beautiful selfies and outstanding images, without the need to have a professional camera.

Keeping this in mind, all the tablets nowadays comes with a good quality camera for the users. Although, you should not put this on the luck or the brand of the tablet too. So instead, be sure what the camera offers you.

Your Storage Needs

Usually, a tablet consists of 6-24 GB of storage as a built-in feature for the users. Thereby, you must keep the usage of tablets in mind before looking into the storage of a tablet.

Also, just in case your needs for a tablet’s storage are more significant than what a normal value tablet would offer, you can always go for ones that provide expandable storage features.

This feature would eliminate the need for limiting your storage requirements to just what the device has to offer.

9 Best Tablets Under $500 In 2022 (Reviews)

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 under 500 dollars tablet

Operating System: Android | Battery: 15 hours | Screen: 10.5 inches | Storage: 128 GB

If you’re looking for a Samsung tablet that is not just well in serving for a brand, but also a fantastic purchase of vivid colors, high-quality display, and outstanding graphics, you’ve found the right one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes as a high-quality tablet with all the necessary features to serve you in the starters. Other than that, its lightweight making is something you surely can’t deny, as that adds extra quality to its overall outlook.

If you’re a gamer or a movie lover, you ought to look for a value tablet having a super-powerful processor. Keeping that in mind, this tablet serves the best performance you can ever find.

Along with that, the multi-window feature it provides helps you use more than one app and perform various tasks all at once, without having to worry about having a tab get stuck during the functioning. 

You can also access your apps and perform various tasks with the addition of an S pen, giving you more control over your notes and other features.

Also, its ultra-rich and wide HD display adds more quality and efficiency to the user experience.

Other than that, its large memory, high-quality RAM, 2.84 GHz ultra-fast processor, 855 graphics coprocessors of Qualcomm Snapdragon, and the long-lasting battery life; all make it a perfect tablet to perform all your professional and entertainment-related tasks efficiently.

So, if you want to play games, watch movies, write documents, edit your pictures, or perform any similar task, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is there to serve you as the best tablet under 500.

  • Lon battery life
  • Quality software works for both work and entertainment
  • Large storage
  • Low light pictures aren’t excellent

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 under 500 budget tablet

Operating System: Android | Battery: 12 hours | Screen: 9.7 inches | Storage: 32 GB

This tablet is undoubtedly one of the best ones you can in, which you can invest in. From its high-quality, super AMOLED screen to the cinematic view and the addition of the S Pen, all these features add quality to its design.

Altogether, this makes it on top of the list of Best Tablets Under 500. So, you can easily rely on the large-high-quality screen for all your tasks, without worrying about any quality issue.

This smart Samsung 9-inch tablet allows users to perform various tasks like designing, translating anything, and navigating anything without any boundaries.

It is a complete device having all the basic as well as exceptional quality features one desires. This tablet includes smart features like Fingerprint Sensor, 13Mp rear camera with digital optical zoom, and many other additions.

Its AKG tuned Quad speakers, 2.2 GHz Snapdragon Quad-Core processor, 4GB RAM, and 520 graphics coprocessors all combine to make it a perfect multitasking tablet for all your basic and professional needs.

You can also connect a light-keyboard to this tablet through Bluetooth, making it an excellent 2 in 1 device for your work needs.

Can you find a more suitable and smart working tablet at such an appropriate price? Surely not, as the intelligent features of this Samsung tablet make it the best option for all your best pro tablet needs.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight making
  • Attachable to a keyboard
  • Not water-resistant

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 cheap android tablet

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro | Battery: 9 hours | Screen: 12 inches | Storage: 256 GB

The compelling performance and fantastic quality of this tablet make it nothing less than a highly serving laptop. So, with the help of its HD display, multiple ports, and milt-position Kickstand, you’re able to perform all your work and entertainment-related tasks on it with ease.

Hence, the Surface Pro 5 serves you well on all terms, efficiently allowing you to perform all your tasks without any interruptions.

The 7th generation Intel Core processor inside this best tablet device makes it easier for you to store all your high-quality and large-capacity demanding apps and software.

Whether it’s the Adobe collection or the Office software’s requirement, you don’t have to look on any other device for any of your technological needs. This device makes it highly suitable equipment to carry around with ease with its to school, office, or a friend’s place.

You also get a bright and high-quality ClearType Full HD touchscreen and an Intel Core i5-4300U 1.9GHz dual-core processor and 4 GB RAM, all making it a perfectly efficient and durable tablet for all your needs.

Also, the built-in Dolby speakers and a high-quality camera that comes along with this best pro tablet are anything but less than what you can expect from it.

If you’re a windows operating system lover, then the presence of a professional Windows 10 operating system in this is something you will love to have in it.

  • Extremely thin
  • Has an efficient touchpad
  • Fast and powerful working
  • The operating system takes excellent space.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet under 500 dollars budget

Operating System: Android | Battery: 16 hours | Screen: 10.5 inches | Storage: 64 GB

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 serves as the best match for anyone wanting to avail of a speedy performance while browsing through the internet, playing the most massive memory-holding games, and streaming as many seasons as you want.

Its smooth and clean interface allows you to explore anything and efficiently work on different apps and software without facing hanging difficulties.

Although just in case you feel the need to have a mini laptop for working and office purposes, then you can also attach a decent keyboard to it.

Therefore, whether you want to work on a PowerPoint presentation or simply take part in an online gaming competition, this smooth and fast-running Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 would serve you as the best technological device altogether.

Also, the addition of its S pen makes editing and writing documents a lot easier and smarter, preparing reports and photo editing a less stressful task on this device.

It has a large AMOLED display, octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon835 processor, Kryo Octa-Core CPU, and Android 8.1 Oreo operating system that adds an extra touch to this tablet’s fast and smooth working efficiency.

This makes it the best tablet device for all your essential, professional, and educational needs. You can’t miss out on the four loud and clear built-in speakers, the 8MP high-quality front camera, and Samsung Knox’s security feature this device has to offer.

  • Quality front camera
  • Loud and visible sound
  • Powerful and efficient working
  • The keyboard doesn’t come along

5. Apple iPad Air (Gold)

Apple iPad Air gold in the budget

Operating System: iOS | Battery: 10 hours | Screen: 10.5 inch | Storage: 64 GB

Having an Apple device as your complete technology, packed with all the needed features, is a plus we can’t ignore since the outlook and working of Apple’s products are hardly anything but smooth, powerful, and enriching.

Like that, this Apple iPad Air also comes with a lot more than you can ever ask from a value tablet device. With the help of its portable design and bionic chip, you can use quality and highly influential, smooth working experience.

Don’t worry if you must keep using the device all day long, and this one would surely bear with you the entire working day and still work smoothly in the end.

Its Retina Display is undoubtedly a rich and high-quality view providing an addition to its feature. So through it, you will never find the images of the screen dull or low.

Also, the incredibly amazing and high-quality camera it comes with is something you’re going to adore. Also, the addition of an Apple pencil is necessary, too, like that of Samsung, allowing you to take notes, edit any document, or draw images anything you want – all with perfection.

The presence of a bright and clear picture outcome in this tablet makes it one of the best tablets under 500. Also, the ample storage, the Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, the amazing built-in stereo speakers, and the ease in attaching it with a suitable keyboard; all add more quality and efficiency to the working of this best tablet on a budget.

It serves as a perfect drawing and working tablet for anyone looking to invest in one for both their primary and professional needs.

  • High-resolution display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fast A12 chipset
  • Doesn’t have a Face ID lock

6. Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book android tablet under 500 dollars

Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow | Battery: 12 hours | Screen: 10.1 inches | Storage: 64 GB

Lenovo has been serving the technology industry for quite a while now. As much as it’s working and technologies have made a quality name in the field of computers and laptops, we can’t ever underestimate the amazing other technological devices it has been producing.

Hence, when it comes to tablets, the Lenovo Yoga Book is nothing less than the perfect featured tablet for anyone. It is due to the reason that this laptop is everything a person can ask for, whether for communicational needs, information gathering needs, or for professional usage needs.

Its Android version allows you to have a more accessible and smarter user experience out of this decent laptop. Along with that, it serves as a perfect device to create designs and sketches or writing documents through a stylus with real ink. That is not all.

This smart and decent-looking Lenovo Yoga Book serves as one of the most stylish and slim tablets you can ever find. Other than this, its high-definition bright touch screen display, the 2.4 GHz Intel Atom processor, and the 4Gb RAM; all enhance the speed and performance of this value tablet.

The loud and clear built-in speakers also enhance the video viewing experience of the users. Along with all this, comes the Real Pen stylus to add class to your note adding needs, while also giving you the option of attaching a Halo keyboard anytime you need.

You really can’t have a better and more stylish 10-inch tablet to serve all your basic needs while staying on a budget, right?

  • Great for taking notes
  • Extra thin
  • High-quality display
  • The processor is a bit slow
  • Not easy-to-use through a keyboard

7. NVIDIA Shield K1

NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet

Operating System: Android | Battery: 5 hours | Screen: 8 inches | Storage: 16 GB

This tablet is a highly preferred and entirely suitable device for all your gaming needs. The SHIELD controller and GeForce, along with the cloud gaming storage present in this tablet, combine to make this a super powerful and best cheap tablet for gaming.

Therefore, through these features, you can avail of a high-quality gaming experience out of this device, along with intense multiplayer actions to serve your gaming needs, just rightly. Its quad-core 32-bit CPU and the powerful Ram it comprises all add an extra touch of fast performance to this device.

The other powerful graphics and processor of this tab also made gaming a lot faster and fulfilled with superfast working. Adding more to its smooth working, the addition of a Quad-core 32-bit CPU along with a 2GB of RAM also makes it a fantastic device.

Although this device also serves exceptionally well on gaming needs, it has limitless features. It also adds a smooth and fast user experience for the movies and video streaming needs.

If you’re concerned about the basics here, one just can’t ignore the addition of all the needs & requirements in just this fast and efficient device.

This tablet includes built-in dual front-facing speakers, decent storage, a quality 5 MP rear camera, an Android operating system, and fair battery life. So, what more can you ask for from the best tablet for gaming? Nothing, I suppose!

  • Strong graphics card
  • Runs fast and efficiently
  • Smoothly allows any game to run on it
  • The display isn’t right in the sunlight

8. New Apple iPad

New Apple iPad under $500

Operating System: iOS | Battery: 10 hours | Screen: 10.2 inches | Storage: 32 GB

This new and smart addition to Apple’s tablets is undoubtedly a bonus to all Apple device lovers. Since its significant screen feature comes at a reasonable price while also giving you the smart functionality of using Apple Pencil on it.

Adding texts, making notes, drawing, sketching, creating presentations, and doing any other professional task is no more a struggle in any way. Also, the super-strong chip that it comprises makes usage and working a lot faster, smooth, and efficient.

So there are no more interruptions of hanging or large files taking time to load; while you perform all your tasks on this value tablet. Also, the portable outlook, the TouchID locking feature, and the smart HD camera that comes along with this device make it a highly suitable and easy-to-carry method for anyone.

So whether you want to go and hang out with a friend, make college notes, or work on those office presentations, you can take this device along without any issues.

The 12-inch Retina display of this device also makes watching movies, and TV shows a lot more comforting and of high quality. This device gives you apparent and high-quality picture quality.

Also, the built-in stereo speakers are everything you can desire when it comes to wanting the real-time sound to experience out of cheap price tablets. Lastly, the quality outlook and long-lasting battery are something we can’t ignore too. So what’s there even missing in the fantastic features of this best tablet under 500?

  • Large and clear screen
  • Can work with a smart keyboard
  • Comes with an Apple Pencil
  • Doesn’t has a FaceID lock

9. Microsoft Surface Pro (5th Gen)

Microsoft Surface Pro

Operating System: Windows 10 Home | Battery: 13.5 hours | Screen: 12.3 inches | Storage: 128 GB

This Microsoft Tablet works as an all-day working device, making it easier and fast for you to manage all your tasks smoothly. It has all the necessary features that quickly and efficiently manage your day-to-day basic and extra tasks.

It includes instant email management, collaborating on different projects, working on your presentations, and the secure dual-core processor and multitasking feature of this featured tablet. All makes it a perfect device for all your basic and professional needs.

Whether you’re someone wanting to have a tablet for your school and educational needs or for working on the technical stuff in your office, this tablet works smoothly and powerful all day long for you. This makes it the best tablet device option for any and every user’s needs.

Also, the widescreen it comprises gives you extra ease for reading, browsing, working on presentations, managing the tiny details on documents, and even viewing movies.

The high-resolution pixels on this tablet’s widescreen ensure quality and a theatrical view of the images and videos through this tablet. Other than this, the Dual-core processor of this device ensures that you get nothing less than a smooth and robust working device for all your needs.

Its extra-large storage, quality rear 8MP and 5MP front camera with all the editing details, and the Windows 10 operating system; all add an extra touch of smart accessibility and user experience for you. So, what more is there left to praise about this fantastic and budget-friendly best pro tablet?

  • Long battery life
  • Powerful and fast processor
  • Full-HD display
  • Doesn’t come with a pen or keyboard


Buying 2022 tablets isn’t all about the design and the extra megapixels of the camera. As it’s got a lot more to offer. From performing as a suitable device for all your gaming and movie watching needs. You need to know to serve as a highly appropriate and professional device to help your work demands.

Keeping all those needs in mind is the only way to understand which tablet will be the best investment option. Once you’ve done that, you can simply choose from the best tablets under $500, making them fit your budget too. This way, you’re all set to have the long-lasting and best tablet device – without having to make any second thoughts.

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