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How To Reset Android Tablet?

Are you experiencing misbehave on your tablet and never know how to reset an android tablet? Do you know why your tab is getting stuck continuously? Or why is it Halting? Did you plan to sell your tablet or upgrading its system software? Or you have forgotten your password in a while. The Answers to these questions seem simple but the solutions to them must be unique and easy. The best way of encountering all these queries is to RESET YOUR DEVICE.

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Why Reset Your Android Tablet?

Resetting your device appears to be a most simple task but if it’s not done appropriately, it may lead us to troubles like losing our data. To avoid these issues, troubleshooting techniques must be kept in mind.

Setting Up The Verdict: Which Type Of Resetting Do You Require?

Before getting started, let us select the type of resetting scheme we want to use. Conventionally, two kinds of resetting schemes are followed namely:
Soft reset
Hard reset

Soft Resetting

Soft resetting is the most frequently used procedure used to reset your android device. If your device is halting or getting stuck, this type of resetting may be very helpful. Soft resetting principally involves restarting your device which lets the applications restart. Soft resetting refreshes the device and allows clearing all data in RAM (random access memory) but the data stored in the hard drive and system settings will not affect.

Hard resetting or Factory Resetting: if you want to sell your android tablet or you want to upgrade into new system software then one can go for hard resetting or formally known Factory resetting. A factory reset allows deleting all the data and applications stored in the device and leads it to original software and settings as set by the company. Before pressing factory reset your device, we suggest to backup it on your computer or your Google account.

How To Reset Android Tablet

(Step by Step)
Let’s start

Step 1:

Data Backup: First thing first, never lose your data while resetting android tablets or even devices like smartphones. Backup all of your data in your PC or your Google Account or any other external storage for future use.

Well, it depends on you where and how you store it. Data stored internally such as contacts, emails, and applications are suggested to sync with Google account. The data stored externally like on SD card, media can be backed up in your PC using data cable. After successfully backup of whole data follow the second step.

Step 2:

Factory Resetting: Now we are ready to reset our device, as described earlier, there are two ways to reset your android tablet. Here, we are discussing how to reset an android tablet. There are two methods by which we can easily and conveniently. The first step to reset in to follow the On-device settings and it can lead us to the successful resetting of our device.

  • On Device settings
  • Manual or Default settings

On-device settings

It is one of the easiest ways of resetting your android tablet. First of all Tap the Settings icon from the menu or your home screen. Then swipe up to scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu. Now tap the system. Then Hit Reset options. Select reset all data (factory reset). Swipe Up to Scroll down at the bottom of the page. Press the device Reset button. Enter your device PIN and continue. Select Erase everything and your device will be resettled.

Steps to follow

  • Tap Setting Icon
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Tap System
  • Hit Reset Options
  • Select Erase All Data
  • Swipe Up to Scroll Down
  • Press Reset device button
  • Enter Device Pin
  • Select Continue
  • Select Erase Everything

Manual or Default Setting

This type of method can be usually adopted when your device is not turning on or when you have forgotten your pin or password. First of all, you will have to power off your device. For this, long-press the Power button up to 3 seconds. A Menu will appear on the screen. Press the Power off button to turn off. After turning off your device, long press again power button with the Volume up (+) or Volume down (-) button.

Long press for about 5-7 seconds and then a green-colored android anime will appear on your screen. Now press the Volume Up or down button which eventually results in appearing a menu list on the screen. This Menu consisted of options such as;

  • Reboot system now
  • Click to update free ADB
  • Apply to update free storage update
  • Update the free cache
  • Wipe data/ factory reset

Select the wipe up/factory reset option by selecting it with the volume button and pressing the power button to choose. Making sure that you do not erase the data mistakenly, there will appear a menu again which involves Yes/No options. Select Yes (delete all user data) and it will factory reset your device as if you have just purchased from the market. Wait until your device restart. On the restart following the steps to continue using your device.

Steps to follow

  • Turn off your Tablet
  • Hold the Power button + Volume Up (+) together for 10 seconds
  • Android anime will appear on the screen with a menu
  • Select Reboot System Now option from the Menu
  • Select Yes (Erase all data) from the menu

I hope this guide will solve the riddle you are stuck in. We welcome all suggestions and feedback ideas for the improvement of our guide. Stay tuned we are bringing more information about android tablets.

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